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Make the point

I’m so grateful to this life. And I’m so grateful to all the things Los Angeles is giving me.  My relationship with this city it’s never been easy and probably it will not be easy in the future as well.  But something changed through all this time.  When I first arrived, I was excited about almost everything: lights,… Continua a leggere Make the point

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Da Steve.

“Heaven is right here...the God's surround us And in My Religion the Gods speak to me through the voice of the wind in the trees, through the behaviour of my friends of the wild, through the movement of the seas and the weather through life itself.” Non è mai stata mia abitudine condividere su Libralia… Continua a leggere Da Steve.

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The Faeries’ Gift

This is a story about Nature and about Fairies or….about instant Karma! There is a place here in Los Angeles where I love to go. Inside of the Griffith Park, close to The Trail (an amazing bohemian vibes coffee spot , vegan and animal friendly) there is a grove. That place it’s my “weekends quick… Continua a leggere The Faeries’ Gift