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The Faeries’ Gift

This is a story about Nature and about Fairies or….about instant Karma!

There is a place here in Los Angeles where I love to go.
Inside of the Griffith Park, close to The Trail (an amazing bohemian vibes coffee spot , vegan and animal friendly) there is a grove. That place it’s my “weekends quick escape” from the crowd and the noise of the city.
Today I was taking my usual Saturday morning walk with my friend, but I noticed the grove was dirty.
Cans, plastic forks, cups and bottle cups where all over.
Before I could even think about it I was already picking up all that plastic and trash it to the closer garbage can.
I was frustrated. What’s wrong with people?!
So I spent my morning walking, having a good conversation and picking up trash.
On our way back, I hit something, scratching  my foot (I had flip flop…it’s still insane warm here) and for a tiny moment I was getting mad, thinking it was some plastic s**t again…but with my huge surprise it was something very different.

As you can see in the picture, it’s a amethyst amulet. And even though is missing a piece, it’s still gorgeous.

Now, call me crazy. But I took it as a gift from the Spirit of the Forest.
You can think whatever you want.

But I think that life is magic.

4 pensieri su “The Faeries’ Gift”

  1. Impossibile non credere che queste cose succedono per un motivo!E’ bellissimo essere arrivate alla consapevolezza che c’è qualcosa di più e che la positività dell’animo ci porti a migliorarci giorno dopo giorno! Continua così non sei da sola!

    Piace a 1 persona


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